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Morricone, Rota, Piovani (Blau, 2013)


Jaume Tugores

classical guitar

electric guitar and guitalele


Biel Fiol



Pablo Di Salvo

double bass


David González

alto saxophone and soprano saxophone


Cati Roig



Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mateu Picornell at Cosmic Blend in July and August 2013



Mateu Picornell


Executive production

Mateu Picornell


Blue Productions

Jaume Tugores


Arrangements and musical direction Jaume Tugores


Graphic design

Oriol Luna



Miquel Moll


PRESS REVIEWS "Morricone, Rota, Piovani (Blue, 2013)





"If there is one characteristic that stands out throughout the career of Jaume Tugores, as a musician and as a guitarist, it is that emotional component that is reflected both in his own production and when dealing with and adapting other authors. That ability to to seduce the listener and, as one who does not want the thing, to deposit in the depths that contingent of tenderness and emotion, moreover, I would say that emotion is what has guided him, but in all of them, in most of his works. the thing does not change, but on the contrary, it is accentuated in this new project with which it visits the rubrics of great and popular composers like Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani or John Barry. more beautiful, but also profound, to outline some soundtracks that if already in their strict original composition constitute authentic masterpieces, with the trio they are given an aura of exquisiteness and amazing naturalness. exacerbated earthquakes, flourishes and gusts of wind, Tugores emphasizes the essence from the simplicity, from its own dialogue full of details, of sound insinuations that complement perfectly with that fair and precise accompaniment of the cello and saxophone. A proposal that elegantly caresses those incunabula of the seventh art, extracting the magic and exquisiteness of the melody. "





"Tugores deposits that tender and evocative way in which he perceives, feels and transmits his music to the rest of mortals, in a new example in which he combines exquisiteness, precision and sensitivity. Conditions that can also be extrapolated to those three authors with the that a record really without waste. A real delight whose listening demands a new audition. "





Played by Knopfler and Morricone

A Dire Straits concert on television made him a guitarist, original and seductive. Cinema has always been a source of inspiration for him, as has travel. In a few days he will release a new album.

Dire Straits, and in particular the group's leader and vocalist, the journalist, former teacher and excellent guitarist and songwriter Mark Knopler, opened his eyes; and the genius of the soundtracks Ennio Morricone guided him on the paths of music. We are talking about Jaume Tugores ( Palma , 1974), a figure of the six strings, a teacher when it comes to transmitting emotions, a lover of cinema who has spent his whole life indulging in scores and who announces a new album, El matí inventat, in the one that describes the feelings lived to the being father.

His best album, and those are big words, because Tugores' records are always a gem, he will see the light soon. "It is necessary to mix the record, but I can already say that as a recording it has been the best I have done," says the author. In addition to the eight instrumental pieces that make up the cedé, he has written as many short children's stories that accompany them. "Some of the songs are very long, which has been a challenge when it comes to composing and arranging. Also note that I have returned to training with a larger group. Another novelty is that in addition to the guitar I have introduced my voice as another melodic instrument, ”he advances. The "wonderful musicians" they have recorded with Tugores are Biel Fiol (cello), David González (saxophone), Carol Domènech (vocals), Pablo di Salvo (double bass) and Teo Salvà (drums). In addition, as in his last two CDs, the production is by Mateu Picornell, who "creates an impressive sound," he emphasizes.

His sonic story began in movie theaters, when his parents took him by the hand to enjoy a family afternoon. "Ever since I was a kid, I always paid attention to movie music when I went to the movies with them. I started humming / composing my own childhood tunes, not knowing music," he recalls. If a melody, in this case someone else's, marked him forever, that was Morricone's La resa dei conti from the movie Death had a price. Thus was born one of the romances of his life. Were the teachings of the Roman master so many, and so painful his loss? "From Morricone I learned to work like he did, as a craftsman, to get up early every morning and work on something I composed, in addition to practicing my instrument. Trying to find new forms of composition but being true to my style. Also looking for a good arrangement for each theme, that everything sounds well put together harmoniously. "

Quality, emotion and a certain originality are the pillars on which the compositions of Tugores are based, who discovered the guitar a bit by chance. "After watching a Dire Straits concert on television, I was completely fascinated by Mark Knopfler and his way of playing. That's how I started studying electric guitar," he confesses. Cinema, his second school, also keeps him busy: "I always try to see the new things of directors that interest me like Clint Eastwood, Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, Alejandro Amenabar, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen ..."

Like a sponge, he has always tried to learn something from the musicians he has elbowed with throughout his career, and there have been quite a few, "even those with whom there has been no chemistry," he says. "The stage with Jaume Compte was very intense, I also learned a lot with all the musicians I met in Barcelona at the beginning of Tugores [one of his musical projects]. And more recently with Biel Fiol and David González, with whom we have been together for seven years. playing soundtracks and my music. "Travel addict, he acknowledges that they are a constant source of inspiration:" I've almost always returned from travel with themed ideas, "as happened with that Nine Places for a Nomad, following a stay in Myanmar (ancient Burma). What will be your next destination? "I never stop composing. During the confinement I started working on what will be the next album, songs inspired by fantasy books that have captivated me," he says.


Jaume Tugores - Morricone, Rota, Piovani


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