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"In the music world, the lyricism of cinema music (especially Italian) and the optimism heretat of the rhythms of traditional and Mediterranean music converge. The compositions are instrumental and descriptive, structured like petite histories".

(Jaume Tugores)



2000 : begins his solo project as Tugores in the city of Barcelona. He plays at the 1st Córdoba Folk Festival and tours Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.


2001: presentation in the Luz de Gas room of the first album "Ancu lui è qui"; Barcelona Traditional Festival, Songs of the Mediterranean, Vic Live Music Market.


2002: tour of Madrid, Zaragoza, Donosti, Lugo, Pontevedra, Badajoz and Cáceres. Isladencanta Festival (Palma de Mallorca); World Music (Valencia); A World of Music (Ibiza).


2003: presentation at the Espai of the second record "El seu orient", within the cycle Tradicionarius de Barcelona.

Guitar concert in Bremen (Germany).

He composed and performed the soundtrack for the short film "Nines".

He composes and performs the music for the contemporary dance show "Café solo" by Céline Curvers and Fré Werbrouk.

La Mercè Festival in Barcelona,

Festival "Veladas Mediterráneas" in Córdoba, "Nuevas Músicas" by Caja Madrid, performance at "La Casa Encendida" in Madrid, Festival "Encuentros de Culturas Mediterráneas Alamar" in Almeria, Festival Serenates Guitarrtísticas de Estellencs (Mallorca), Festival ArReus de Tarragona , Cycle "New Music of the University of Malaga". Concert with Susheela Raman in Perpignan.


2004: Concerts in Berlin and Luxembourg. Presentation of his music video "A song called cinema" in Madrid. Hondarribia Guitar Festival (Donosti). Presentation of the show "El seu orient imaginari" (concert with images) at the Saló de Cent in Barcelona. Rouffiac Mosaic Festival. Vic Live Music Market, Feria Mercartes de Sevilla; concerts in Córdoba and Madrid (Galileo Galilei room)



"" I set myself several milestones when Tugores was born. First, I wanted to achieve a characteristic sound, to concretize a way of making music. There is a continuous dialogue between all the instruments in the group, they all help at one time or another in the development of the main melody, which is the soul of the theme, the idea I want to convey. Second, define as much as possible what this music aims to convey. This music aims to cover some emotional expectations that are created when a musical theme is introduced or presented, to create the same feeling that I had of warmth and complicity, as when I bought a film, a book, or a story. which they have told me, real or fantastic. Third, I wanted to address in each album a theme that inspired me music and describe this theme in detail in the composition that would be new to me ".


(Jaume Tugores)




2005: Concert with images "his imaginary orientation" at the Cine Buñuel in Lanzarote. Presentation of the third album "Jantar com inspìraçâo" at the Espai de Barcelona and at the Galileo Galilei in Madrid. Mataró Crossroads of Cultures Festival. Recording of the guitars of the soundtrack of the film "El Destino" by the Argentine director Miguel Pereira.


2006: Interparla World Music Festival (Madrid). Folk cycle at the La Villa cultural center in Madrid as the opening act for Joan Bibiloni. Concerts at FolkSegovia, Asturias, Andorra and Brussels.

Presentation at the fnac in Madrid of his second music video "La metà desiderata".


2007: Music Cycle Near La Pedrera (Barcelona), Music Cycle, everyone's heritage (Palma de Mallorca). Recording of the fourth CD, "Images of Knopfler". Concerts with screenings of the show "Images of Knopfler" for Catalonia (Mediterranean Festival of Manresa), Barakaldo (Bilbao).


2008: Presentation of the CD "Images of Knopfler" in Mallorca (Teatre del Mar) and Menorca (Alaior Library) and continues the tour in Catalonia and Andorra.


2009: Concerts of "Images of Knopfler" in Barcelona, ​​Girona, Banyoles and Menorca; also participates for the third time in the Vic Live Music Market, playing this version album at the Casino de Vic. Lugo Jazz Festival. Cajamadrid Auditorium of Aranjuez and Navacerrada Cultural Center. Recording of his fifth album "Nine places for a nomad". The collaboration begins with the puppeteers Olga Olveira and Juvenal Salcedo. Presentation of the music and shadow theater project "Nine places for a nomad" in Mallorca (theater of the sea);


2010: Concerts in Barcelona, ​​International Puppet Festival of Lleida and Valencia with his album "Nine places for a nomad". He returns to live in Palma.


2011: composes and records the music of several documentaries:

- "Sea and land" of The peripheral productions

- "One cannot escape from an island" from La periférica productions

- "Mestre Toni" by La Rulot

Participate in the International Teresete Festival with his music and shadow theater show "Nine places for a nomad"


He arranges, co-produces and records the guitars of the first CD of the singer-songwriter Arantxa Andreu, "Hilando Sueños". He does some concerts as a guitarist for singer-songwriter Marcel Cranc. He produces, arranges and records the debut album of the singer Tina Manresa, "El camí d'una illa".


2012 : composes and records the music of the documentary "The faded city" of the peripheral productions. He presents his new format of Tugores a trio (saxophone, cello and guitar) making film music at Cançons de la Mediterrànea.


2013: publishes his sixth CD: "Morricone, Rota, Piovani"


2014 : performs numerous concerts of the CD "Morricone, Rota, Piovani" in the Balearic Islands and some in Catalonia. He composes and records music for the shadow theater show "El flautista d'Hamelin" by Cia. Olveira / Salcedo.


2015: The CD "Morricone, Rota, Piovani" is released and distributed throughout Asia.

Participates in the Sea Music fair in the Balearic Islands with great success among programmers. In the summer of the same year they performed a series of important concerts in Bordeaux, Barcelona and Girona.


He inaugurated the Folk you festival in Palma with a duet together with Jaume Compte, collaborating with big names in English folk such as Martin Simpson and Nancy Kerr.

He composes and records the music for the documentary "The Bishop, the Architect and the Canopy" premiering his work in the Cathedral of Palma.


2016 : He records and edits his seventh CD "60's Film Music", dedicated to soundtracks from the sixties such as Zorba, Charada, James Bond, Lawrence of Arabia ... He composes and records music for the theater show of shadows "Ubuntu" of the Cia. Olveira / Salcedo. He composes and records the music for the documentary "Barbaflorida" about Ramon Llull.


2017 : Concerts in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia with his album "60's Film Music". He composed and recorded the music for the documentary "Midoniu".


2018: Didactic concerts in schools with his project "Journey with a guitar" that wants to make known the music and cultural aspects of some places in the Mediterranean. Tugores concerts in Menorca, Mallorca, Valencia and Bordeaux. He composes and records the music for the documentary "De capraria a Cabrera".


2019: Concerts in Mallorca and Catalonia.


2020 : Composition and recording of the advertising piece "Mallorca in the foreground". Recording of his eighth album "The invented morning".


Festivals: Spanish Film Festival (Brussels); 1st Córdoba Folk Festival; Tradicionarius Festival (Barcelona); Songs of the Mediterranean (Palma); Isladecanta (Palma); A world of music (Ibiza); Festival de la Mercè (Barcelona) Músicas del mundo (Almeria); Nuevas Músicas (Málaga); Hondarribia Guitar Festival (San Sebastián); Mosaique Festival (Rouffiac, France); Crossroads of cultures (Mataró, Barcelona); World Music Festival (Interparla, Madrid). Segovia Folk Festival; Lugo Jazz Festival; Lleida International Puppet Festival; Guant Festival (Valls, Tarragona); Mallorca International Teresete Festival. Cadaqués Music Festival.


Other outstanding concerts: Sala Luz de Gas (Barcelona); Sala L'Espai (Barcelona); Cervantes Center in Bremen (Germany); Opening concert by Susheela Raman in Perpignan; Concerts in Berlin and Luxembourg; Concert at the Saló de Cent (Barcelona); Galileo Galilei Hall (Mardrid); Cine Buñuel (Lanzarote); 1st cycle Folk in the village (Mardrid); La Pedrera (Barcelona); Teatre del Mar (Palma); Viladecans Auditorium; Andorra Auditorium; Center October (Valencia); Bellver Castle (Palma).


Music fairs: Vic Live Music Market (Barcelona); Feria Mercartes de Sevilla; Manresa Mediterranean Fair (Barcelona). Sea Music (Palma); Fair B (Palma).

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